New Years SPOILER Eve with Victor and Dave

December 31, 2015

Just Make It Up is back, in Podform

Before you read on, no Grant isn’t back, again we have run into some scheduling problems but thankfully Dave Longo was willing to step into the Garagly Studio and run his mouth. As has happened before the most interesting conversation we had happened off mic before the show started. But I’m sure the stuff we caught on mic will do, and hey it’s free so stop your bitching.

Having Dave on the mic and knowing what a huge Star Wars fan he is I couldn’t help but pick his brain about the film, episode VII, which by the way I haven’t seen. I do hope you have managed to read this far without listening to the show yet because there are huge spoilers coming your way. But hey if you don’t want the film spoiled, go and see it with the rest of the world in the first two weeks.

James Bond gets an honorable mention as we take on the idea of Bond in the year 2015, our favorite Bond Car, Villain and of course the all important Bond Girl.

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